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This website is one form of online public services in Traffic and Transportation (LLAJ), where one important element in realizing the state administration that is open is the public’s right to obtain public information services and appropriate order in the nation and state. In this regard, government in Indonesia and other institutions such Traffic Police Corps (Korlantas police) work to ensure that each of the people throughout the country must be able to feel the presence of government services in the field of LLAJ held by police as one of the stakeholders as mandated by Act 22 Year 2009 on LLAJ. For that Korlantas Police continuously seek to fulfill the rights of service, information disclosure, and superior protection of the public, simplify public affairs and shorten public services, etc.

To achieve its vision and mission, Korlantas Police equipped with a program, one of which is the Quick Wins program consisting of 8 area :

1.  Transparency in SSB services.
2.  Ensuring access online transparency.
3.  Establishing an online police technology.
4. Devices police forces of information technology.
5. Realizing the online police law.
6. Implementation of community police strategy for society / community.
7. Responsiveness (quick response).
8. Accidents and traffic violations handling.

The realization of secure, safe, orderly, smooth and integrated traffic and transportation services is a goal mandated by Law No. 22 of 2009 on Traffic and Road Transport. To achieve these objectives requires a variety of management tools, among other are online services. In this case, to support ease of accomplishment and can reach to all parts of society of the Republic of Indonesia, Korlantas Police introduce online services web-based early stage through

This online service will be our commitment to develope continuously so that at any one time, based on economic growth and information and communication technology availability, the implementation of online traffic and road transport can fully meet the needs of society and stakeholders across the country.
Best regards.
Head of Traffic Police Corps
Inspector General of Police
Drs Agung Budi Maryoto MSi.